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It began when they found one piece. It continued when they found another. Now, with one dragon slain, one companion lost, the Shadowfell Keep in ruins, and the empty North ahead of them, the adventurers press onwards towards the next piece of the artifact.

Will they reunite the pieces of the rod, or will they destroy it to prevent their rivals from gaining its power?

The Party As It Stands:

Anzam al’Din, Half-Elf Dragon Sorcerer
Aular, Deva Wizard
Dratorii Iranicus, Dragonborn Paladin of Erathis
Felix Honorius, Human Warlord
Loli Lightfoot, Halfling Rogue
Wyn Crowl, Human Swordmage
Xenozugnosis, Shapeshifter Warlock

Unique Items

Aunt Marghedy’s Face – Transforms the wearer into Aunt Marghedy. Don’t forget to bring apple pies and bumbleberry tarts to ply your victims.

Basket of Neverending Cheese (Lvl 7) – A wicker picnic basket filled with an assortment of fine cheeses, including legendary Markan cheese, the recipe to which was lost after the fall of the Thousand Cities. The inside is lined with a red and white checkered cloth.

An Enchanted Compass – A strange compass that does not point north. Points to the nearest source of alcohol within X squares of you.



Home Page

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