Wizard/Cleric of Ioun


Control Wizard

Racial Features:
Astral Majesty
Astral Resistance
Immortal Origin
Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes

Class Features:
Arcane Implement Mastery – Orb of Imposition
Ritual Casting

Birth – Omen

Owl (Quellius)

Ability Scores:
Str 8, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 19, Wis 19, Cha 12

AC: 19, Fort: 14, Reflex: 17, Will: 19

HP: 34, Surges: 7, Surge Value: 8

Speed: 6, Initiative: 2

Arcana: 13, Nature: 11, History: 13, Insight; 11, Religion: 13, Perception: 7.

1: Ritual Caster
1: Initiate of the Faith
2: Implement Expertise (staff)
4: Armor Proficiency (leather)

1 – At-Will: Cloud of Daggers
1 – At-Will: Thunderwave
1 – At-Will: Illusory Ambush
1 – Encounter: Grasping Shadows
1 – Daily: Flaming Sphere
1 – Spellbook: Sleep
2 – Utility: Shield
2 – Spellbook: Expeditious Retreat
3 – Encounter: Icy Rays

Adventurer’s Kit, Spellbook, Ritual Book, Scroll of Hand of Fate (2), Scroll of Mordenkainen’s Ascent, Scroll of Shadow Passage, Alchemical Reagents (Arcana) (3), Sanctified Incense (Religion) (3), Rare Herbs (Nature) (3), Flask (3), Bag of Holding.

Aular’s Astral Greystaff +1, Aular’s Veiled Orb, Holy Symbol of Ioun.

Shimmering Robes +1, Cloak of Distortion +1, Headband of Perception.

Tenser’s Floating Disk, Silence, Gentle Repose, Battlefield Elocution, Comprehend Language, Last Sight Vision, Magic Circle, Arcane Lock.



Aular reincarnated most unusually. Unlike most Deva who reincarnate in relative serenity and peace, Aular appeared in a maelstrom of magical energies the tumult of battle.

As was foretold, the Wizard Cassiel, first bearer of the Artifact, was swept away into the Shadowfell. Following the loss of Cassiel, Aular’s spirit was reincarnated into his current physical form. With little knowledge of his former lives and past experiences, Aular’s only lingering memories concern the Artifact. Like a weight upon his spirit, Aular feels inextricably linked to the Artifact.

Though he has no memory of the past, there remains a pinprick of light which streams through the obscuring and indefinable darkness of his mind. Tugging at the edges of his memory, Aular feels connected to the Artifact in some way. It is as if destiny is tied to it, for good or for ill.

The burden of such a fate does not rest well with Aular, he struggles with the seemingly unending cycle of rebirth he must endure. Not free to find his own destiny, he must fulfill his role with this Artifact in order to perhaps finally escape this torturous cycle.

Aular strives to uphold the tenants of Ioun, seeking to master himself, to learn and to teach. His love of magic stems from this unending thirst for knowledge, as does his preoccupation with elegance of shaping and controlling the arcane. As a servant of Ioun, Aular is still strongly tied to his goddess. Though merely representing the domains of Ioun is not enough, he is a devout follower and conduit of her prophetic powers.

Physical Description:

Upon seeing the Deva, you are first struck by his pale, glowing, pupil-less eyes. Unblinking, they look forward with impassive and otherworldly stare.

Beneath his ashen robes, slightly luminescent silver-hued skin can be seen. It resembles a fine, treated parchment. Dark, ink colored markings skitter across the surface, like script written with elegant runes in some unknown language. One marking, however, differs slightly in color and form from the rest. This peculiar marking is on his chest, depicting a vertical line which terminates at the top with a small disc.

When he speaks, a sonorous voice can be heard.

Personality and Mannerism:

While the Deva stands quite tall and is quite attractive by the standards of mortals, this only serves to strengthen the unnatural and alien presence felt when around him. A solemn figure, he is calm and deliberate with his actions. Despite seeming somewhat detached, it remains clear that Aular caring and well-intentioned.

His pensive nature, however, does not dull his senses.


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