Picking Up the Pieces

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Standing Quests

Quest Giver: The Ordinator Arcanis
Title: Investigations
Quest: Investigate the involvement of the only individuals known to have purchased slaves from the Hanging Man guild – Akta Leucis and Ergreth.
Reward: Information
Further Details:
* Ergreth is an ogre mage practiced in the arts of necromantic enhancement. His corpserot ogres have been canvassing Feldspar hoping to relieve citizens of increasingly scarce food and looting from accessible warehouses. Ergreth is a known criminal, but his crimes can never be proven, and he’s managed to avoid the notice of the OA and the Council of Mages.
* Akta Leucis was freeing as many children as she could from the slavers. The last six she was able to buy were taken from her by the Changing Man when their presence was discovered by the party. Akta has agreed to provide some information and any assistance that she can offer to aid the party, but in exchange she has requested their help in recovering part of a crystal which she says “will aid the Seven-Pillared Hall”.

Quest Giver: Akta Leucis
Title: The Crystal Shard
Quest: Retrieve a shard of crystal from the chamber which Akta Leucis has directed you to visit.
Reward: Akta’s favor
Further Details:
* All that is known is that Akta needs a shard of the crystal to perform a ritual. She refuses to say more than that because “it is not her secret to share”.
* She will mark on your map the approximate location of the cavern.
* She will answer questions about the location, using her scrying abilities, within limits.

Quest Giver: None
Title: The Binding
Quest: Gradien is bound to remain under the mountain, which he speaks of in relation to “his curse”.
Reward: ???
Further Details:
* Gradien has alluded to being bound to remain under the mountain. He told Loli that he tried to leave once, through the Fogwatch, but was unsuccessful.
* Diggrath mentioned having spoken many times with Gradien about binding spells, which both seem to have some knowledge of. The two are friends.
* When the Nameless Servant allowed the party to see Gradien, he seemed to be ill.
* Diggrath was summoned to bring “the usual solution, but stronger” in order to relieve Gradien.

Quest Giver: None
Title: The Hanging Man Slavers
Quest: (Party Defined) Dismantle the Hanging Man organization and prevent further harm. Free any slaves found.
Reward: None
Further Details:
to be updated

We heard that you like items...

Party Inventory
Aunt Marghedy’s Face
2 Pills from phial marked SLEEP
Lira Goodbody
1/2 Ounce of fine Orcish pipeweed (purple pimblejack)


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